Regardless of what field or industry you are in, building a strong and engaging company culture within a team is at the core of any business’s success. For this to happen, you need to cultivate an environment that recognizes and embraces the shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize the goals of your organization. With many variations of company culture, how do we know what is the right path to take?

For many entrepreneurs, the first step is to understand the definition and concept of company culture. Company culture, by definition, is the organizational cultural representation of a corporation’s collective values, beliefs, and principles. It provides the various social norms, styles, symbols, languages, and habits that essentially shape how an individual performs each and every day. The one thing you need to understand is that company culture just does not develop on its own. Rather it needs to be manically built in every aspect of the workday.

Below, you will find five vital steps that can improve the culture of your company. Remember, company culture is the foundation for future innovation. As an entrepreneur and business leader, your job is not just to mange, but also to build a foundation for people to grow personally and professionally.

1. Transparency

The word transparency is often used when it comes to work culture. That idea of honesty, whether it is with a client or with a coworker, is something that should be valued in every aspect of the workplace. Striving to educate everyone about this principle is a process. But the long-term impact it can have on your employees is something you should greatly consider. When it come to communicating with one another, try and give everyone at the company access to as much information as possible, regardless of their position. The goal for all of your employees is to have them feel that they know the thinking, responsibilities, and strategy of the company at various levels. In doing so, you are setting your company and your employees for success.

2. Establish a Sense of Autonomy

Good leaders push their employees forward with excitement, inspiration, trust, and vision. There will be times where you will need to micromanage your group. But empowering that sense of freedom within your workers will nurture that vital trust you will need for them to grow personally and professionally. Rather than micromanaging your employees with explicit and detailed directions, provide general guidelines instead. In doing so, you will be giving your employees the opportunity to learn and grow as informed and empowered individuals.

3. Collaboration

When it comes down to establishing an enriching and motivational work culture, you need to make sure there is a strong sense of collaboration between various parties. Whether that is collaboration across departments or communication within specific teams, the best way to grow and develop your company is by establishing that strong line of communication. Remember, your mentality should embody a relentless push for improving as a team, not an individual. Its like what Steve Jobs once said that, “great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.”

4. Holistic Thinking

A strong team member is a person who not just understands the-how and the-why of a your business, but also questions the business and strategy for the betterment of your company’s goals. At thriving companies, executives and mangers look for their employees to ask these specific questions. By opening yourself to these questions, you are accommodating the necessary steps to change and better your company in the future.

5. Lead by Example

This is one of the values that is not necessarily replicated at many businesses and organizations. When leading by example, you are being an active role model for your employees. Be confident, yet humble in your actions. Ask various questions and of course interact with a wide group of your employees. Most of all, when things get tough, pull your people up instead of drag them down.