With the world at a constant state of change and fluctuation, companies and firms are beginning to find that success is not simply based on finding the talent, but also keeping the talent at the workplace. To this end, company culture, also referred to as work culture, has become a high priority for both businesses and job seekers. The systemic problem of working 80+ hour workweeks or the ‘three meals at your desk’ is not longer seen as a badge of honor like the early 90s Wall Street warriors. Instead it is viewed as a dog pit for the always questioning millennial. But are they wrong to think like this? Is it truly a problem if the old way works?

As much as we can attribute the success and accolades from the antiquated working schedules, the world has changed. Like it or not, the business private sector is an ever evolving monster. So why would this be surprising? The one thing to keep in mind is that while the hours may fluctuate from business-to-business, company culture has become the main priority for all businesses.


So what exactly is company culture?

Wikipedia defines it as an organizational culture where, “the behavior of humans encompasses the values and actions contributed to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization.” Unless you full break down the scope of that definition, this can be somewhat unhelpful in defining it. So instead here is a list of words that contribute company culture: vision, belief, values, systems, symbols, language, habits, assumptions, and goals.


For that generated list, the words here are used to describe the important distinction between an effective company and company culture. With company culture, think of it as the business’s personality. It is not something that forces people to work, but rather inspires them to reach their goals. It is a sole proprietor that requires the vision, values, and objects to be aligned between their employees. And lastly, it is a give-and-take relationship that asks for your best and gives you the recognition. Establishing this type of personality and character within your business will be the sole definer in how well your employees will work for you. Remember it is like that famous saying, “a team aligned behind a vision will move mountains.” Think about what your goals are and look to embody that with everyone at your company.