Jay GotraAs we’ve already discussed, the statistics are alarming. With around two million burglaries reported every year in the US, this is a pervasive crime in our society. While this crime has the potential to directly impact anyone, there are certain precautions that we all can take in order to decrease the likelihood that someone will target your home to carry out this crime. While sadly in truth there is no 100% guarantee that no one will ever attempt to break into your home, this next tip not only decreases the chance of burglary, but also increases the likelihood that a burglar will get caught.

If your home is still unequipped with a home security system, consider a few more statistics.

Home Security

Almost seventy five percent of uncompleted burglaries are not completed owing to the mere presence of a security system. And ninety percent of convicted burglars admit that they try to avoid residences equipped with security systems. Considering the low number of home burglaries that are ever resolved (approximately thirteen percent of those reported), it makes sense to invest in whatever it takes to discourage potential perpetrators from targeting your home in the first place.

While Alliance Security offers incredible home security solutions for all kinds of homes and price points, I would rather speak about what homeowners and renters should look for in whichever home security solution they ultimately choose.

Find Your Provider:

When looking for a provider of home security solutions, make sure you select someone who helps you locate vulnerable points in your home through a full assessment. Additionally, make sure that the system you choose detects motion and  breaking glass. Also, ensure that the system you choose can be armed and disarmed remotely. That way you can still exercise control whether you are physically nearby, or not. Look for a system that offers you the option of recording and streaming surveillance within and around your home. And most importantly, make sure that the system offers professional monitoring all day everyday… otherwise, what’s the point?

In addition to finding a home security system that addresses all of these concerns, don’t forget to incorporate another human element into your solution for home security.

Love, or At Least Get to Know thy Neighbor

In addition to just being a civil thing to do, getting to know your neighbors can be a safety precaution. Make a point to get to know them, and find one or two that you trust who will agree to keep an eye on your home when you’re on vacation or at work. This doesn’t mean that you have to share any information about your professional home security system. Instead ask them to look for any suspicious activity, to take out your garbage, pick up your mail, possibly park their car in their driveway – just show signs of activity that prove this house is being watched. Always make sure to do the same for them.