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Jay Gotra AllianceFor more than a decade, Jasjit Gotra, better known as Jay Gotra, has worked tirelessly to create a company with a culture built on respect, transparency and a great set of products and services. Jay Gotra is the Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Security based in Warwick, Rhode Island. As the son of two career-driven parents; a lawyer and an engineer, the importance of education was a touchstone of Jasjit Gotra’s youth. Growing up in Mumbai, India’s most populous city, Jay delighted in math and science from an early age and felt drawn to Physics as soon as the topic was introduced. Jay always had an innate desire to learn about how things work and felt that math and science force you to come to your own solutions as opposed to just learning things by rote without thinking critically.

Though these interests developed naturally from an early age, Jay’s parents strongly encouraged Jay’s academic pursuits and even moved Jay and his younger sister to the US when he was 15 in preparation for college. The Gotras relocated to Agawam, MA. There, Jay attended Agawam High School where he parlayed his interests in math and science into wins at various academic decathlons. Upon graduating, Jay enrolled at UMass Dartmouth following the course that his father had charted to mechanical engineering. For that first year, Jay’s parents supported him while he studied, but at this point Jay’s life took a turn for the unexpected.

In establishing a sense of independence as an adult after his first year of school, Jay found part-time work selling home security systems. Jay excelled at his job and was able to support himself while attending classes. Jay proved so talented at sales that after 15 months at this company, his boss offered him partial ownership and the opportunity to be a full-time employee. Jay jumped at this chance to build his career, but doing so meant that college had to take a backseat, which was challenging news to break to his parents. However, Jay was deeply dedicated to the security systems market and knew ultimately this choice would be worth it. The idea of selling a quality product that helps people while navigating the challenges and opportunities of a growth industry was a perfect fit for Jay’s sensibilities.

By 2003, Jay was ready to start his own company, and began building this out of a spare room in his apartment, with merely 2 employees. 11 years later, Alliance projects that it will have 700 employees by year’s end and 115 million projected in sales for next year alone.

Over the past decade, Jay has learned volumes. While the heart of the company relies on providing top of the line service and products to the customers, Jay devotes most of his time to creating an environment that his employees want to be a part of. Alliance strives to create a culture of constant learning, and head on problem solving. As the CEO of Alliance Security, Jay has made it his mission to respond to the needs of his employees.


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