Being a business leader can be a rewarding experience. But it can also be filled with various challenges. At times, people have this false assumption that these individuals can fulfill the ‘hero’ role in various situations. As much as we can believe that, we need to be tangible and understand that a true leader is someone that is able to handle difficult tasks. It is these sacrifices that truly represent a strong business leader. Without it, the success, goals, and overall vision of a company become lost.

Let’s start off by examining the arduous decisions business leaders need to make on the day-to-day basis. For many people, they are unable to conceptualize the risk of putting thousands, maybe millions, of dollars all solely on a deal. For business leaders, especially CEOs, decisions like these aren’t just asked, but decided almost each and every day. To do this, they spend an inordinate amount of time and a tremendous amount of energy making choices between equally attractive options in everyday situations. The main problem of course is the tradeoff, or ‘catch’ if you will. No matter what, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. Because of this simple childish slogan, business leaders need to be well aware of the ramifications their decisions make on their company and their employees. One simple mistake could impact the livelihood of hundred and thousands of people.

Outside of making decisions, business leaders need to be reflective. For many people, they go to their jobs each and every day without a care in their minds. For true leaders within the work place, they go into their companies with the intention to resell their visions to their employees, especially if the company is going through big and drastic changes. For any type of changes, even minor ones, you will always find backlash from some of your employees. The worst mistake business leaders can make is if they ignore it. True leaders acknowledge the problems and weaknesses of their business. They understand the negative perspective of their employees and try to spark that fire once again. While of course it is easier said than done, the task to inspire and reinvigorate your company’s values is something that takes a strong amount of effort.

Now of course, there will always be individuals in the workplace who will always and forever follow you into the dark. As much as business leaders can provide them with more leeway, they, as leaders of a company, should always avoid favoritism. This idea can be particular difficult, especially if family or friends are involved. But for a company to succeed, a business leader need to make sure that everyone is playing their role. While some portion of favoritism can be motivational, other points can be a killer at the workplace. Make sure you are aware of your actions. This itself can provide the overall place you are looking for when cultivating a strong and conducive work environment.

Now a business leader isn’t a true leader if there is no balance within authority. While you may be the boss, you want to make sure that you are respected and open-minded to your workers. At times, many CEOs or supervisors have been criticized to be too authoritative with their workers. This leads to low work morale and a low retention rate. To benefit your company, try and find that balance. True business leaders make sure to listen and respect their employees. Just because you have a higher title does not mean you cannot learn from those under you. Remember, a true leader is one who is humble enough to admit their flaws. To inspire action and success, you need to become more than just the authority. You need to be the voice that echoes their future.